“Me, Myself and I” by Lienne

“Me, Myself and I” by Lienne is first and foremost host to a masterful, meticulous, and riveting vocal performance. Not only does this song reflect her abilities as a vocalist, but her artistry, image, and style. The lyrics are introspective, the production is emotionally gratifying, and the music is beautifully anthemic.

The song begins with a hypnotizing cluster of background vocals. The way these vocals are placed so delicately in the mix is cause for chills. Lienne’s voice comes in, raspy and intimate, outlining the hopeful yet volatile lyrics. A distant piano plays these low, clanging chords to flesh out the bass. Suddenly, she launches into this immaculate vocal run, shooting upwards in pitch. Plucked strings heighten the tension, propelling us towards the highly anticipated chorus.

“But what if I bet on me, myself, and I?” Lienne cries. The mix becomes busy with synths, harmonies, drum fills, and strings. Upheld by this swell of instrumental passion, she emphasizes her desire to be strong and rebuild her relationship with herself–and although this could easily be cheesy, every word, note, and production choice constructs an engaging, serious, cathartic mood.

If any of this intrigued you, you should doubtlessly listen to this track and others by Lienne. You’ll be in for a treat as the song continues to ramp up in intensity. And while you might have come to hear her bombastic vocal performance, you’ll stay for the message: love yourself, because that’s the only thing that you can control in this chaotic world.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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