“What?” by Milktheram

Milktheram is an incredibly talented band from the UK. On their latest release, “What?” they easily combine the energy of rock and personable lyricism in a cool and totally unique way. The catchy vocals greet you and set the song’s playful vibe immediately. It takes almost no time at all to get stuck in your head. Not only that, but it’s the type of song that makes you want to get up and dance or sing along.

Between the high-energy lyrics and how catchy the chorus is, “What?” is a delight to listen to. Every new section kept the energy sky high no matter how thick the texture was. Whether a cappella or the whole band grooving along I loved how exciting everything was. Not only did Milktheram complement one another phenomenally, but had no trouble letting individual voices shine. It allowed the song as a whole to feel that much more impressive and memorable. 

The true highlight of this awesome release is how well everything worked together. Every now and then someone comes up with a melody that just makes sense. One note leads perfectly into the next and captures a unique vibe in a clear and concise way. Every last section of “What?” was chock full of those familiar, yet new melodies. It’s a lovely song that will feel like it’s been on your playlist for years and makes you feel warm and happy. A great song that shows off both the band’s chemistry and their catchy songwriting.

“What?” by Milktheram is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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