“For Now” by Jason Maxwell

Easy listening only begins to describe “For Now”, the latest release from Toronto-based singer songwriter Jason Maxwell. Warm vocals dance overtop the gentle stings that support the lead melody phenomenally. Pulling influences from all over, it’s impossible to pin down what specific genre this belongs to. Sometimes the twangy strings sit at the front of the texture, while at others it’s the relaxed vocals. No matter what energy Maxwell leaned into, however, it supported what was happening around it and fit into the texture perfectly.

Honest lyricism helped set the song’s light energy and capture the complicated emotions of watching someone you love be with someone else. Wondering, “Is he good enough for you? Or good enough for now?”, they paint a vivid picture of the difficulty that comes with coming to terms with such a tough situation. Despite the somber mood, the music is oddly uplifting and optimistic. Maxwell does a great job striking the balance of longing and acceptance in a way that comes across as honest and realistic. 

Writing songs about love can be both easy and hard to do. Love conjures such intense complicated emotions that just trying to figure out how you feel can be poetic. That being said, it’s also difficult to actually construe these feelings in a catchy and enjoyable way. On “For Now”, Jason Maxwell manages to do both of these with ease. Not only is it a pleasant song, but it actually feels like it came from a human being. Beautiful and easy to listen to, this song is definitely not one you’re going to want to miss!

“For Now” by Jason Maxwell is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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