“This Small Town” by Jesabel

Photo Credit: Dan Florez

If you would have played me “This Small Town” by Jesabel 20 or so years ago when I was in my itty-bitty hometown I would’ve done the most teenage thing and rolled my eyes. I could not wait to escape that place. However, like Jesabel, I’ve been able to leave and live life in bigger places…and you know what? Now this song doesn’t get an eye roll but rather a full embrace. 

“This Small Town” captures the true beauty of what it means to exist in a more compact community. Yes, I adored most of my time in Los Angeles but after 16 years the magic wore off and the solitude set in. That is not to say that is everyone’s journey but it appears to be a similar one me and Miss Georgia-born and raised Jesabel, shares. I think especially after all the wild things that have gone on in recent years, some of us are craving the close-knit vibes and charm a small town has to offer and I feel like “This Small Town” captures that in this very modern take on Americana song. It comes across as something you may hear on a Carrie Underwood record as its pleasantries are intertwined with some more lavish vocal moments. 

Jesabel now resides further south in Florida but paid homage to her roots with her latest, and brand new single, “This Small Town.” It is her first new track since releasing her debut EP, ‘Every Excuse,’ in 2021. With a sweet allure, Jesabel is destined to be your next Country favorite. To hear “This Small Town” and more from Jesabel, make sure to check her out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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