“Reign Love” by Dorian

Dorian, a musical talent within the R&B and Pop Realm, has released a new song and it’s a hit! Similar to early 2010’s pop in its instrumentation, his newest release “Reign Love” carries with it a message of positivity in combination with a classic trap styled bass with smooth R&B vocals overlaid on top. Not only is the song an easy listen, but it is also accompanied by a music video with very cinematic shots featuring Dorian singing in a cool, electrifying background. 

Fun to watch, and easy to listen to, this song will have you singing along in no time. Using play-on-words ‘Reign’ and ‘Rain’, “Reign Love” focuses on bringing out your potential with lyrics like, “Holding on / Trust in the process all along” and “You’re changing like the weather but you’re changing for the better”. 

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Dorian has been in the music scene for a while and this isn’t his first song. With multiple releases like his albums “Dream World” and “Songs in the Key of Love”, Dorian is steadily climbing his way to the top of the Alternative Indie R&B scene. Describing his newest release, Dorian says the inspiration for “Reign Love” came from a personal mantra and is perfect for anyone waiting for a blessing or shift in their life.  

This song was his first release of 2022, and it is a sneak peak into his album that just released on May 22nd, called “The Arrival: Dream World Pt. 2”. If you are an avid listener of R&B and Contemporary Love songs, then I highly suggest you listen to Dorian’s music! You won’t regret it!

Written by Natalie Elena





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