“Purple Dress” by Divine Decadence

Divine Decadence is a new band from Nice, France, what started as a duet is now a four piece. Sabrina and Tatiana met in a previous band and discovered that they shared the same love of dark and melancholic music. They describe themselves as a dark musical universe and a “retro underground” atmosphere playing with cinematographic accents that evokes westerns, thrillers or freak shows. In March of 2022, the duet added Chris B on bass and Chris D on drums.

Get ready to let your mind go away, “Purple Dress” is the first release from Divine Decadence and it’ll make you want to get really emotional. The song that puts the red spotlight on the purple dress is divine in its own way. The music video attached to the dark song that is “Purple Dress” will have you hypnotized.

The group is keeping 80s goth music alive, it’s hard to not love a group when they provide such an amazing song, it makes you wonder what they have planned for future releases. The vocals from Sabrina and Tatiana will have you enticed, their vocals together are almost like the sound of a Siren. The hypnotic band is one to love.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Frédéric Fenoll




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