“Near Me” by 1st Base Runner

You might be familiar with Austin, TX based singer songwriter Tim Husmann or better known as 1st Base Runner. His recent release of EP “Ellis” has generated new fans and his top song from the EP, “Near Me” has the ears of over 15,000 people. 1st Base Runner says to incorporate indie rock, post-punk, shoegaze and electronic influences.

Clearly something is going right for Tim, the release of the EP seems to have made people feel less alone, when an artist makes a song(s) that makes you realize that someone else feels the way you do, then they instantly become a favorite. “Near Me” makes you want to dim the lights and dance.

“Near Me” captures 1st Base Runner’s inner world at its most surreal, psychedelic, dream-like and dangerous. Rich with hallucinatory symbolism and harrowing archetypes, this visionary music video successfully merges the aesthetics of Bates Motel and Alice in Wonderland to chilling effect.

“Near Me” is enticing and you can’t help but to be encapsulated by the video, 1st Base Runner makes music for the open minded, to see a video like “Near Me” makes the world open up and you are left with infinite scenarios running through your head. The song brings you to an unknown world that you don’t want to leave. 1st Base Runner’s single “Near Me” will be something you don’t want to miss out on.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Heather Gildroy




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