“Morals” by Helen

“Morals” is the latest release from Helen, the powerhouse RnB vocalist based out of the DMV  area (DC/Maryland/Virginia for you non-Americans). Playful synthesizers set the song’s effervescent mood while cool vocals bolster everything happening around them. Not only that, but I loved how they filled out the light texture.

Raw lyricism paints a vivid picture and complements the easy-going melodies phenomenally. Helen wastes no time setting the mood, so even though the song clocks in at just over 3 minutes, it feels a lot longer than that. Trap-inspired rolling hi-hats give a modern feel and fill out the texture. As “Morals” chugs along, it leans into that modern energy – showing off not only the fun vocals, but the work that went into the instrumental as well.

Whether a cappella or supported by a plethora of different sounds, Helen’s relaxed vocals led the song’s energy and enhanced everything around them. From the bouncy synthesizers to layered backing vocals every new voice brought something new, and found a way to spotlight the lead vocals. Vocal harmonies were rich and full, but used intermittently which amplified their effect ten-fold. By the time everything was over I was subconsciously reaching for the repeat button. “Morals” was not only an incredibly well-made song, but one that feels like a classic despite being brand new. If I didn’t know any better I could be convinced this song was 10+ years old and from a household name – and If Helen keeps making music this good, it’ll be no time until they are.

“Morals” by Helen is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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