“Sober” by You’ll See One Day

An absolute banger, rich in energy and stunning production “Sober” is a captivating new single from one of Australia’s most exciting upcoming bands.

Comprised of Nathan Peachey (Vocals), Lee Elliott (Drums) and Travis Presley (Guitarist), You’ll See One Day are from Melbourne, Australia. Spurred on by a love for music and a dream to be the best band they can be, the guys have been releasing powerhouse singles such as “Like That”, drenched in emotion, passion and ferocity. The newest is “Sober”, their best single yet.

The track pulls you in instantly from the start with its intensity and catchy guitar riffs. The production is tight but still gives every instrument a chance to breathe. Elliott’s drumming is nothing short of fantastic and acts as the glue keeping the track together and so well structured. Vocally, Peachey is at his best, showing off his talent as a melodic writer and powerhouse singer equally.

At only the start of their musical journey, the guys have cemented a wholly unique and captivating sound that’s already started turning heads. Their music oozes charisma and passion and “Sober” is no exception. With an amazing ear for dynamics and catchy melodies, You’ll See One Day are everything you want in a modern-day metal outfit and a definite must for any fans of the genre.

There’s no better time to sink your teeth into the bands monstrous sound than now. Stream Sober today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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