“Where Is Your Out?” by Morning Trips

Brady Lynch started the band out of a garage and over the last few years they settled into the lineup they have today. He’s known Logan (Bassist/Keys) in high school and always knew each other through the local music scene. Amos and Brady met through mutual musician friends, and Noah was found via the internet, they connected instantly. Together for four years now, the four piece band Morning Trips was created in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. 

“Where Is Your Out?” is the latest single from Morning Trips, and like the rest of their songs, it’s a banger. This is the first single of the year for the four piece band and it’s been long awaited. The fun group knows how to make nostalgic, fun punk songs that you can’t get away from. The loveable four piece will have you coming back for more.

The indie type guitar with the whispery vocals plus the offset of the drums is the perfect combination to show the deep and much needed bass in the song. Have you ever caught someone in a lie? Or maybe doing something you don’t find appropriate and all you want to ask them is what are you going to do now? “Where Is Your Out?” is a similar vibe lyrically.

Morning Trips has captured the ears and hearts of many people, they are a group that your kids kids will love. The term “it’s not a phase mom” is relevant when it comes to Morning Trips, they are more than a phase, they are a band to love.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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