“If Only (Piano Version)” by The Art Crimes Band

Straying from their typical six-piece, soulful sound, The Art Crimes Band has just released a stripped down, Piano bar version of their single “If Only” and boy, does it tug at the heartstrings. This piano rendition of their jazzy “If Only” offers a glimpse into the world of romance through a beautiful serenade sung by vocalist Grace McMahon and accompanied by the talented pianist Katie O’Donnell. 

To truly appreciate the piano bar version of this song, I would highly recommend listening to the original “If Only” found on their debut album ‘Radio’. Now this album is definitely worth a listen, as well. If you are a fan of World Music, ‘Radio’ is for you. It covers a variety of genres from a funked-up “Radio” to a brassy, soulful “Love for a Lark” and even a Caribbean-styled song called “Iboga”. Each song created by The Art Crimes is truly unique in its sound space and sonically impressive. Although I enjoyed each of their songs, I must say that the original version of “If Only” is my personal favorite.

At first listen, I enjoyed the piano version of “If Only” but it wasn’t until I listened to the original jazz ballad that I gained an appreciation for the artistry put into each. Similar to the style of Amy Winehouse, Grace’s vocals are filled with rasp and passion, moving the listener with every word sung. With lyrics focused around the beauty and trials found in contemporary love, you will find yourself reminded of the love found in your life while listening to this song. 

“and if only you were ever to lie in my arms, I’d be happy to just be with you / and if only you were ever to die in my eye you should know that I have loved you / forever and ever can be a long time but It wouldn’t if I could be with you”

With poetical lyrics, this song brings you a peaceful world of love and wraps you in soft, mellow instrumentation. If you are looking for a song to sway to, grab your loved one and put on “If Only”! You won’t regret it.

Written by Natalie Elena






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