“A Decision of The Flower” by Mahogany Frog

Atmospheric and deliciously ethereal, Mahogany Frog’s new track is a delight from start to finish, with stunning psychedelic and prog rock elements.

With the release of the group’s new album ‘Faust’ (an original score set to the 1926 German silent film of the same name), the band have expanded on their wholly unique sound and aura to craft a seminal work that explores new sonic landscapes and intensely creative songwriting choices. Entirely instrumental, “A Decision of The Flower” paints a dark and immersive picture that draws you in with its lush sound.

The track tells the story of the courtship between Faust and Gretchen. Faust has traded his soul for knowledge, youth, and worldly pleasures. When he tires and becomes unfulfilled with this life, he meets Gretchen and tastes true love. This scene is the courtship of this new love.

“Gretchen’s love for Faust is foretold by a child’s game; just as it is steered by the Devil’s gambit,” says drummer/electronics wizard Andy Rudolph. “Gently pulsing electric piano interplays with each petal’s fall to the ground. But Beelzebub’s bass and the drums of chaos are close at hand. Multitudes of analogue waves lift the two lovers and carry them to their tragic fate.”

Despite the eclectic sound of Mahogany Frog, few bands have such a defined sound. No matter the electronic choices or musical influences explored, the group capture a burning passion and heartfelt originality every time. Housing an ambient, pulsating bass line with stunning organs washing over the listener, “A Decision of The Flower” is a beautiful new song from an incredibly exciting upcoming group. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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