“Channels” by Elektric Animals

You may know Elektric Animals already, the five piece from Denver, CO has released long awaited EP “Channels”. Vocalist Nick, bassist Jerrid, drummer Eric, Oscar on guitar and Will as the keyboardist makes up this alternative rock band. Oscar and Nick are the main songwriters of their music while the rest of them help rearrange the layout to take to the songs to the next level.

They have released all of these songs from the EP originally as singles so you already may know and love these tracks. “Come Clean” is the first single from the EP and the first single to be released this year, the group says that this single can be considered a selfish song but also realizing that self care isn’t selfish. The upbeat rock track gets you out of your head and onto the dance floor.

“Head in the Ground” slows it down and gives off more of an indie vibe, you still are going to want to dance but the kind of dance when you close your eyes and sway back and forth. The calm, relaxing song is loved by many fans, it’s a song made to make you feel nostalgic and you can’t get away from it.

Staying true to their hard rock side comes “Falling”, which is a song that you imagine in a tv show when an action scene comes on. This song makes you want to get up and go achieve your goals, it’s upbeat and gives you the kick in the ass that you need.

Their most popular song “Reckless” is sultry, and dismissive at the same time. The song that pulls you in also pushes you away, this is another song that you imagine is the soundtrack of a tv show, a love scene. The song makes you want to take the risk and send that text that you’ve been too afraid to send.

“Woe Is Me” closes the EP out and what a great way to end it, on a high. The band has an excellent way of making you feel many emotions in this EP but not getting too deep in those emotions to where you can’t vibe with the song. Every song is impossible to not love, this is a band that is going to go far and you’re going to want to stick around to witness it.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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