“Losing Reality” by The Infinity Process

The Infinity Process is band name you may already know, the melodic rock band from Toledo, Ohio consists of vocalist Kimberly Tingley, guitarist, bassist and backing vocalist Jason Tingley, and Brent Gfell on drums. Their latest single “Losing Reality” is a continuation of sorts to their last single “Sinister”.

“Losing Reality” is sticking to the style of Infinity Process, the Evanescence style of the song will immediately have you enticed. Kimberly’s vocals mixed with the soft yet hard hitting drums showcases the melodic side of “Infinity Process” while the guitar gives it the heaviness.

According to the group “Losing Reality” is about how some people are just void of all emotion, empathy and basic things that make you human, and they use others to get what they want no matter what the cost. If you remember their last single “Sinister” then you’ll understand how it ties in with “Losing Reality” by further describing the evil forces at work in the world and how some people live to manipulate and control others.

The lyrics video will have you hypnotized, and before you know it, you’ll be singing along. This will make you want to deep dive into the rest of Infinity Process and listen to the rest of their music, the loveable three piece makes music for the open minded, for the ones who aren’t afraid to speak on their emotions. By the time you finish listening to “Losing Reality”, you’ll have a new favorite band.

Losing Reality is the continuation of our bands evolution from a ho-hum verse-chorus-verse-chorus rock band that was admittedly growing bored with ourselves, into a band that puts a little more thought, experimentation, and art into our sound. – Jason Tingley

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Greg Huntermark




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