“Hymns of Innsmouth” by The Obsidian Complex

New Jersey self produced modern metal band The Obsidian Complex is a two piece project that consists of guitarist and vocalist Joshua Aguayo and vocalist Adam Kovnat who met via Instagram when Joshua posted about needing a vocalist. The band’s goal is to create a sound that carries aspects of technicality and heaviness and quench the thirst many metalheads crave from bands today.

Over 3,000 listens on Spotify and over 33k views on YouTube, clearly the two piece has succeeded at reaching an audience that they can relate to. Their latest single “Hymns of Innsmouth” is based off of HP Lovecraft, the single definitely captures the weird, science, fantasy, and horror vibe that HP Lovecraft brings to his novels.

If you have even the smallest love of metal then you will 100% join everyone in loving The Obsidian Complex and if this is your first introduction to metal then what a great introduction it is. The Obsidian Complex is offering you a chance to find a new metal love.

Grab your friends because you know what’s about to happen, the pit awaits you. This song makes your nose bleed just by listening to it, as the song is ends it’ll be on repeat in your head and you’ll be screaming “deeeeeeepppppp”. The heavy guitar mixed with their two vocals makes for an extremely loveable band, if they weren’t a favorite before, they are now.

I really struggled with self confidence in possibly the most extreme sense and still do until this day. It wasn’t until later that I realized the importance of believing in yourself, which really was half the battle in terms of gaining the courage to take the initial steps to putting this music out. – Aguayo

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Corey Stevens (Photos)





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