“Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender.” by DAMIEN

You may already have heard the name DAMIEN, a queer, non-binary alt/electro rock artist, they say they also powerfully push against the mainstream conventions with poignant, post-punk political commentaries and calls for social activism. Having an artist you can relate to is crucial, the non binaries and queers of the world need a safe space in music and DAMIEN is providing that.

The long awaited album “Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender” has officially arrived and it does not disappoint, the album is upbeat yet relaxing, it’s perfect to play before a night out but it is also great for when you need something to play while you clean or maybe go for a walk. It’s the perfect album for a lot of occasions.

“2 Out Of 10” starts off the album which is very much like a song you think you’d hear in the club but before you know it you’ll be singing along. I’m a two out of ten and I’m looking for a nine. “2 Out Of 10” is a self-depreciating anthem that makes a mockery of the way we judge ourselves and others based on appearance, and laughs at the steps we take to win the validation of others.

As you listen to more of “Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender” you understand more of who DAMIEN is. “Body” explores a more sensual and dark side that you can’t help but to love. This is a song that makes you want to make out under a red light. DAMIEN says “Body” is exploring the various levels of desire and intimacy that comes through relationships.

Nearing the end, you have an anthem that you’ll be playing over and over. “Love Myself” is a self declaration of one who is learning to appreciate oneself in isolation from others, and establishing an identity that is not tied to being in an intimate relationship. Self care, self love, self motivation are things that people strive to have, this fun loving track will make you feel like the baddest bitch alive. Walk the catwalk baby.

“Dreamer”…..a sad, dark song that is the perfect way to end “Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender”. According to DAMIEN, “Dreamer” is an epilogue of sorts, it grounds the album back to where it began thematically, returning to a place of self-doubt and dread that perhaps all that I am and want to be will ultimately be of no consequence. 

Now that you’re properly in your feelings, you’re ready to go about your day. “Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender” explore many emotions and genres throughout the entire album, it makes you smile, laugh, dance, think and perhaps cry a bit. DAMIEN has created something you can’t help but to love.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Jacinta Goodsell




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