“Everything Fun (Is Bad For Me)” by Todd Morse

Todd Morse is doing what many artists are trying to do, making a name for themselves. Todd is a LA/Las Vegas bases singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and has spent over twenty years recording, writing and performing in groups such as being the bassist for Offspring but he is here on his own to make his own name.

“Everything Fun (Is Bad For Me)” is the first release from Todd in three years and it is a great comeback. The song is fun, and definitely not bad for you. Todd has a summer song that you can’t resist, it makes you want to be outdoors, whether that’s relaxing at the beach, surfing, skateboarding, walking your dog, it doesn’t matter. “Everything Fun (Is Bad For Me)” is your new favorite song.

The repetitive catchy song will be stuck in your head long after hearing it. You’ve known and loved him for his bass skills and now it’s time to love him for more than that. His relatable lyrics is what makes this song his top song yet, and all you can do is play his music on repeat while you wait for more.

“Everything Fun (Is Bad For Me)” is the song of the summer and Todd Morse should be an artist that you keep your eye on, talent like his is hard to go unnoticed.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Photobytamea.com




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