“Baby We (Want You To Know)” by the parker story

the parker story…. a story about Parker and Anastasia, a duo and a real life couple from Chicago. Multi talented artist, Parker plays multiple instruments such as electric and acoustic guitar, bass, piano, percussion and vocals while Anastasia provides the vocals for the parker story. Their first single “Baby We (Want You To Know)” was recorded in their studio apartment just two block of north of Wrigley field.

“Baby We (Want You To Know)” is the perfect summer track, the nostalgia transports you back to middle school when you were going to the skatepark with your girlfriend so you can show off your ollie. The fun loving cute track makes you want to grab your partner and just adventure through the summer.

“Baby We (Want You To Know)” is about how the two spent their summer of 2021, which was spent stargazing and singing their favorite songs by the water at Montrose Harbor, it’s a song that showcases their love. It almost makes you jealous of how in love they are, you can feel it through the song.

You can tell they have fun with their music and you can only play it on repeat until their next release. “Baby We (Want You To Know)” is quickly going to become your favorite song and something you play all summer.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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