“Milkshake sky” by Lisa Curran

“Milkshake sky” is an important first release from solo artist Lisa Curran, although Curran is from Kerry, the song was recorded in London. The release got put on hold because the producers said Lisa was too fat and that a mom will not receive support from anyone. Nothing has held Lisa back, not cervical cancer, nor her autism and surely not someone telling her she can’t do something. So here you are now, listening to “Milkshake sky” by Lisa Curran because she decided to release this independently.

“Milkshake sky” is set to the poem by Farida Momtaz, it’s a representation of an up and down relationship. This cute, yet dark song is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey in her earlier days mixed with a little bit of Taylor Swift. “Milkshake sky” is a song that you will want to play on repeat after hearing it.

Even though this is her first release, you can’t help but to want more from her. You can only imagine how the rest of her music will impact you, as you wait with anticipation, you can play “Milkshake sky” over and over. Lisa Curran is an artist that you need to watch out for, with her unique and bubbly personality, she’ll become your favorite artist.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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