“Born of the Same” by Greenvale Manitou

Greenvale Manitou is a two piece group born in Northfield, Minnesota. The duo consists of french artist Cedric (Ced) Briand who is the singer, songwriter, lead percussionist and producer and his other half is tech savvy Jeenti Dutta who mainly does production, samples and effects. The two artists are both self taught and play multiple instruments, they recorded, mixed and mastered “Born of the Same” themselves in their self made studio, Manitou Studios.

“Born of the Same” is the first single from the duo, the vocals/lyrics mixed with the serene/grunge guitar makes you feel really emotional, the song touches on the soft parts of your heart. It’s a song that is immediately loveable, it deals with the reckonings many of you have been going through during the pandemic, the urge to reconnect with the elements, and with yourself, as a species.

Whenever the vocals switch from singing to rapping, it gives the song a different vibe to it, keeping true to the realness of the song still, it adds a different layer of depth to it. This is their first single and all you can do is long for more from the duo. Pretty soon you’ll be singing at the tops of your lungs alongside Ced.

In just three days on June 7th, Greenvale Manitou is releasing their music video that attaches to this song. “Born of the Same” is already an extremely powerful song, you can only imagine the impact the video will have on you. Mark you calendars.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Jeenti Dutta




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