“Drunk at the Airport” by Palm Trees In Moscow

Coming from Baltimore, Maryland is multi talented artist Chris Frantz, he sings, writes his own songs and is a guitarist. For the last five years he’s been releasing music under a name you may know, Palm Trees In Moscow. Frantz had help on this single ” Drunk at the Airport”, from a few friends such as Garrett Long who provided drums and louder guitar sounds, which were recorded locally at The Watermelon Studios.

The song was arranged and performed by Frantz himself and recorded by Dylan Grace who also provided back drums with Logic Pro X. Jordon Zadorozny mixed and mastered “Drunk at the Airport” at Skylark Park Studios in Pembroke, Ontario.

If you’ve ever been drunk at the airport or drunk in some low run down bar, then you can already relate to this song just based off the title. The drum heavy, grungy sound will have you deep in your feelings by the time the first chorus hits. It’s an irresistible song that will be stuck in your head, you’ll be walking around your house singing “what’s it allllll for”.

“Drunk at the Airport” is an anthemic cry to break out of the purgatory limbo of life we often create for ourselves, shedding the old rags of complacency and getting out of your own way. Holding yourself back is one of the worst things you can do, the saying I am my own worst enemy exists for a reason.

PTIM has made a song with relatable lyrics, a guitar that wont quit and drums that drown out your sadness. If this isn’t already a favorite song of yours, it is soon to be. It’s perfect for when you need to get out of your head but in touch with your feelings. PTIM is now your favorite artist.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Chris Frantz




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