“Invisible Girl” by Vix 20

Vix 20 is a wildly popular band that you already may know, their music mixes 2000s punk with 80s synth and it makes something beautiful. Gary Mills and CJ are two musicians from Norfolk who are back on the scene after a hiatus, even though they swore they would never return again….but aren’t you glad they did.

“Invisible Girl” is the summer song you need, as you’re at the pool and you see the cutie that you’re too afraid to talk to, this song will pop in your head. This song is about the never ending quest to find the one with the help of an algorithm, a chronicle of online dating with power cords and power pop.

As you watch the music video which is a visualizer that’ll keep you hypnotized, you will have an entire scenario running through your head, you’ll be on your own quest alongside Vix 20. This fun loving song will have you bobbing your head all day, it’s no wonder everyone loves Vix 20.

If this is your first introduction to Vix 20, then you’re lucky, “Invisible Girl” is pure perfection all the way through, it is a song that you cannot help but to love, everything about it is enticing and just draws you in further and further. Vix 20 is soon to be your favorite band if they aren’t already.

You can’t help but to be grateful and happy that these guys decided to team up again, something great has clearly come out of it.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: C Jarret




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