“Toxic Rob – Single Version” by Zeta Zeroes

Zeta Zeroes is the solo project of Long Island artist Bill Radovich, “Toxic Rob” is the first release from the one man band. Bill does the vocals, plays the sick guitar riffs, the heavy bass, and does the drums through programming and he is also the percussionist. He is quite the talented artist, and what a great first single to put out.

Zeta Zeroes created “Toxic Rob” as a way to explain but not excuse the self medication, alcohol seeking approval and drug habits that were created during his college and post grad years. “Toxic Rob” is the mosh worthy song of your summer, it’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

The fun, chaotic song makes you want to grab a cup of hot coffee, pour it on your head and bounce off the walls. Zeta Zeroes is a true punk musician that any true punk will love, from baby punks to the old heads, “Toxic Rob” is a song for all.

This hardcore punk song is perfect for hitting the skatepark and breaking some bones, as you fall in love with “Toxic Rob”, keep an eye out for his upcoming EP “11:01”, it’s never ending punk that you can’t get enough of. As the song is ending you are now realizing that Zeta Zeroes is now your new favorite artist.

My life is exceptionally mundane right now. I got asthma last December after I started demo-ing this EP. My cats threw up on my carpet a bunch. I went back to therapy. – Zeta Zeroes

Written by Jaye Maverick





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