“howl (for jane doe)” by videotapes

South London noisy alternative rock band videotapes came about during the pandemic, the four piece found their way to each other and quickly started recording. Guitarist Ollie and bassist Jon brought in vocalist Flo and drummer Jack to complete the band in 2021, their first single “howl (for jane doe)” was written, recorded and mixed all within 4 days.

“howl (for jane doe)” is based on Hallie Rubenhold’s book “The Five”, and aims to give voice back to female victims of violent crime, so often stripped of their own humanity and agency not only by the perpetrators but also by wider society. The aggressive, powerful, stress releasing, empowering song makes every angry woman want to get up and just rageeeeee. You’ll be screaming “DO YOU KNOW MY NAME” all day as you get more and more fuel from listening to “howl (for jane doe)”.

The mosh worthy song is great for anyone, rage knows no gender, howl with Flo as you let it all out. This is only their first single and already you want more, the heavy drums and bass mixed with the grungy guitar is the perfect way to get your day going. You’ll leave the song feeling more confident and like you can conquer the world. Flo’s scream echoes around the world, you will know and remember the name videotapes.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Scott Dennis

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