‘Love is Sweet’ by Mayor

Have you been looking for something both new and nostalgic? Something captivating because of the way it weaves classic and more modern sounds together? Then you’ve found the right place. Israel-based rock band Mayor has created such a project with their latest album ‘Now What.’ ‘Love is Sweet,’ is an amazing single that displays the great music that they can create.

‘Love is Sweet’ by Mayor is the perfect dreamy jam to get captivated by next. There’s a nice bounce to it that serves as a hook and the bendy reverby synths fill up your atmosphere. The bending within the vocals and instrumentation add a trippy vibe, and musically, this track is nothing short of interesting. The vocals are nice, and the way they’re layered has a lot to add to its sound. ‘Love Is Sweet’ is refreshing from start to finish, and the clean production allows every aspect to easily find its footing within the music. The end is introspectively open as the reverb on the vocals phases into silence.

Mayor states that ‘Now What,’ the album including ‘Love is Sweet,’ has a huge impact taken from the “COVID-19 Pandemic and all that relates to it, “anxiety, depression, optimism and hope.” This idea encompasses a lot of emotion, and it deals with the pandemic, which at this point is a universal experience for all of us. This track is poetic lyrically, putting together its story like a puzzle. One way to read it is as a track about a former relationship that the voice of the song is unwilling to go back to. It sounds like these two lovers had different goals, and the voice of the song was played by the other. This is a kind of relationship that can’t be compromised upon, and instead, needs to be moved forward from. Though love is a sweet thing, sweetness seems to be unfindable in the arms of this previous lover.

Mayor is a nostalgic rock band based in Israel, Tel-Aviv- Yafo who are well renowned in their area for the music they create. Consisting of lead vocalist Oran Reznik, guitarist Gili Meir, bassist and keys player Nimchik and drummer Ofer Levy have previously played the “Ramot Menashe Festival” and have been featured on numerous radio stations. With a basis in psychedelic rock, this band meshes influences to create a discography that’s truly original. There’s so much to check out after you finish listening through ‘Love is Sweet.’

Written by Sage Plapp

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