“Funk Duster” by Viben

Austin, TX based solo artist Viben is a name you may know, he has been releasing music since 2018 and now he has released his first album “Intro to Scuba, Pt. 1.”. With the exception of the drums this album was recorded entirely in his room, directly to his keyboard, that way he can recreate these sounds like without a computer. “Funk Duster” is the first single from Vibens, album and it is something great.

Funky, jazzy, smooth, chill…..a vibe, those are just a few words that’ll come to mind when you hear “Funk Duster”. The sexy song lets you relax and get out of your mind, Viben is providing you that sexy summertime song. You can imagine yourself out by the beach at night with a campfire going and just “viben” out.

The fact that this is all done by himself is even more impressive, picturing how his live shows will be will make you want to dive deep into “Intro to Scuba” Pt. 1, and if you live in Austin you can see Viben June 17 at Mohawk, 7:00pm. “Funk Duster” lingers in your head long after it’s ended, it’s a song that you want to play on repeat because you just cannot get enough.

As the song ends, close your eyes and just feel the moment, don’t let it pass you up. Vibing out to Viben in a great introduction to your summer.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Justin Cook @cookcamera




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