“Somewhere Someone” by Prudence

An addictive single about solitude and longing, “Somewhere Someone” is the perfect middle ground between chilled instrumentation and intense, passionate lyricism and performances.

Prudence is a five-piece indie rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Band was originally formed in 1996 and reformed with a new lineup in 2009. The music of Prudence is a tasty mixture of classic indie compositions with electronic or acoustic elements enrichening the arrangements.Comprised of Sami Jylhä (vocals, guitar) Panu Pahkamaa  (guitar, synth, programming) Anne-Mari Piippo (vocals, synth) Ville Raasakka (drums, percussion, vocals) Tero Rapo (bass, vocals), the group bounce off each other with a ferociously creative spirit.

The track really comes to life in its chorus that’s both heartbreaking and hypnotic. A large range of influences have allowed Prudence to define their own sound as immensely unique and captivating, separating them from other indie bands in the scene. Their orchestration is tight and “Somewhere Someone” has an excellent production palette to let each instrument breathe.

Heartfelt and endlessly endearing, “Somewhere Someone” is a masterful new single from an immensely talented upcoming indie band. At the very start of their promising careers, there’s no better time to get into the band’s music. Stream their new singe now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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