“Have You Ever” by Anton Commissaris

As summer settles in around us, we’re all looking for that perfect tune to play while we relax in the warm weather. “Have You Ever” by Anton Commissaris is definitely one to add to your playlist. With swaying horns and smooth honey vocals, this song places you right in the tropics, conjuring up the feeling of laying on the beach as the breeze carries all of your worries away.

“Have you ever felt like this before?” The peace of relaxation can have you marveling at just how good it feels to feel good. Especially when you’re with someone you love- “draw your joy from togetherness.” Commissaris’ alluring voice invites you in, resulting in his lyrics really hitting home.  

“Have You Ever” is an enlightened beach getaway in song form. The lyrics are appreciative of the simplicities of nature, encouraging you to be present in the moment with the view of a rainbow, the feel of the sand, and the warmth of the sun. Jazzy instrumental solos with a unique electronic aspect to them give you a moment to sit with these lyrics and apply them to your own life.

This song reminds you of how important it is to appreciate your time with yourself, your time with loved ones, and your time with nature, all while providing a tranquil tune that you can close your eyes and sink into. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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