‘Call My Name’ by Cedric Saga

Love changes our world and our lives indefinitely. It’s a powerful feeling, and many of us have searched for the wondrous love and care of another. Falling into a deep love that changes us positively forever is an amazing thing, and it’s one that’s captured amazingly in ‘Call My Name,’ a new track by artist Cedric Saga.

‘Call My Name’ is an absolute beauty of an acoustic folksy track. The guitar utilizes some stereo effects to round out the sound, and they dynamically work their way through the music. The vocals are full and powerful, and the harmonies built around them add so much of a pop to the overall sound. The vocal chords built are powerful, and there’s so much atmosphere surrounding them. The bit of piano is a nice touch, and there’s an aspect to it that’s equally calming and invigorating to explore.

‘Call My Name’ is a song about love, in a beautiful way. It explores the idea that ‘the world will never be the same’ within this relationship. There’s something intimate about how it’s written. It explores the beauty and yearning for a particular loved one who fills your life with beauty. This kind of beauty is absolutely life-changing in a positive way, and it’s no doubt most of us yearn for the same. Sometimes when we meet someone perfect for ourselves, they fill our eyes with stars, they fill out hearts with newfound wonder. This wonder is what ‘Call My Name’ is all about.

Cedric Saga is a solo musician with influences from the Beatles, Nick Drake, and David Bowie. The nostalgia of these artists does a great job in lending itself into the sound of ‘Call My Name.’ This track was created in the artists’ home studio in Hamburg, Germany, and the production quality shows how beautifully a track can turn out within a home studio. Cedric wrote this track as a love song for a wedding, and since, he’s been able to perform it at several weddings. Cedric is a fairly new artist, but the amazement that can be found within his discography truly shines through.

Written by Sage Plapp





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