“Season of the Knife” by Ben Dalby

 Southampton, UK alternative indie artist Ben Dalby has been around for over two decades, his eclectic style is what keeps bringing people back. His latest release “Season of the Knife” was produced by Leighton Allen of The Hoosiers and the track was recorded as band. Welcome to “Season of the Knife” from Ben Dalby.

“Season of the Knife” is the first release from Ben this year, and after “Tin Man” it’s been long awaited. This is the type of songs that takes you to different levels, the song goes in waves from low, somber mood and gradually builds up and comes back down. There’s moments when you are going to want to dance and some when you may want to cry.

Ben says “Season of the Knife” is about anger and sadness, a song that directly speaks to the world we live in right now. A world where many of the things we’ve taken for granted are being cut away – health, stability, food and friends.

When a song has a powerful meaning and is catchy, it’s hard to not immediately love it. “Season of the Knife” is a song for everyone, it’s relatable to the masses. The world today is so chaotic and the song is the opposite and for just a few moments it puts you at ease.

The man who has been around for decades knows how to appeal to people, “Season of the Knife” is a song that’ll be a household song for years to come.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Cover Art by kolahari




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