“Ron” by Weed N’ Stiff

Weed N’ Stiff is a comedic duo from Reno, Nevada that was formed in 1994, the two piece consists of singer/keyboardist James (Jim) Weed and guitarist Dillard (Dill) Stiff. Since 1994, Jim and Dill have recorded 10 albums, written over 100 songs, released many music videos and created a documentary.

The duo has a running a video game theme, “Ron” is the third album from Weed N’ Stiff. “Arcade City” kicks the album off, which is a funny story about being at the arcade, “wearing a Frogger” shirt should instantly take you back and make you enveloped in the song. As you’re getting to know them more, you’ll realize how funny and nostalgic they are.

The 80s synth rock band will have you invested in the album by the time you get to “Squeeze of Cream”, this song is faster and more on the punk end. Jim’s vocals plus the guitar make a nice collaboration as the chorus chimes in. Sometimes their words may seem like they make no sense and that is the beauty behind Weed N’ Stiff, you will be left singing “squeeze of creeeeeeammmm, “squeeze of cream”

“Prelude to SherBERT” and “SherBERT” are unique in it’s own way. Listening to Jim explain in the Prelude what to expect is a fun breather in the album, it’s also a great way to get to know Jim more. “SherBERT” starts off with a hip hop “sexy” type of vibe and then the lyrics pop in and you can’t help but to smile and laugh. You will also get a craving for some of that sherbert ice cream.

If you haven’t already figured out the vibe of the duo then you’re listening to the album all wrong, their funny lyrics mixed with their talent with the instruments makes for a fun album. You’re going to want to be these guys friends, they seem like fun, genuine guys.

As the album is coming closer to the end and you’re listening to “The Prom”, you can’t help but to drift off and think of your prom night. The duo has made you feel a lot of emotions throughout the entirety of “Ron”, when you get to “The Ditch” you’re going to feel like bouncing off a wall or ten. These two guys are more than just one style, we hope that Weed N’ Stiff is okay and they are not really being held hostage, we need them in our lives so they can make more music.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Clayton Lancaster





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