“Fire Song” by Catherine Elms

Catherine Elms delivers a moving song with the impassioned vocals and introspective lyrics of her single “Fire Song.” This track features ominous drums and haunting strings that create a feeling of anticipation. You can tell some kind of change is coming for Elms, and we find out this change has been brought on by flames burning down her old life.

“Fire Song” begins as a cynical and angry song, with lyrics like “life pins you down and lovers will be liars, and demons come disguised as friends” showing the deep mistrust Elms has for the world. This kind of mentality is easy to fall into- it feels like life is working against you, but there’s nothing you can do to escape. Elms feels trapped by the constraints of a life not authentically lived, and the solution seems to be to burn it all down.

The progression through this song is captivating, because at first it seems like Elms is a victim of the fire burning down the normalities of her life. But then, we find out it was her who set the fire in the first place. It’s a beautiful exploration of the dualities of starting over. Shedding the skin of your old self is painful and difficult, but sometimes it is the best way to become the person you know you’re supposed to be. 

“No more can I run and hide” cries Elms, committed to leaving behind the pain and starting anew. The determination and bravery heard in both the lyrical and sonic elements of “Fire Song” are something we can all take with us if we ever decide to burn down our own lives.

Written by Emily Cushing





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