“Yellow Tape” by Weird Skyence

Weird Skyence is a rap two piece from Toledo, Ohio that became about 4 years ago in 2018. Jozay SpaceKawboy pronounced Jose SpaceCowboy is the producer and emcee, the other part of Weird Skyence is Chrispi The Infallible who is the vocalist and emcee. Their latest single “Yellow Tape” was produced Jozay and Woods in Hamtrack, Michigan.

Chrispi is living up to his name by being crisp on the track, his fast but understandable flow will immediately pull you into the song. The theme behind the of needing no yellow tape is hard within itself, the duo say they are weird and that is not a bad thing, they didn’t have to go so hard on the track, leaving your jaw on the floor.

The flow of Jozay makes this an instant hit, every krumper and popper is going to want to dance to this, every thotty girl is going to be shaking their ass, and everyone is going to be singing along. The duo is raw and is keeping true to real rap. The song that makes subtly makes you want to go hard will be on repeat in your head all day.

Weird Skyence is now your favorite duo, the buckness that they bring to the table will make you feel like you can conquer anything. They have surpassed the fake rappers out there by simply being themselves.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: WeirdNation Studios




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