“Hypnotic” by The Vonics

The Vonics are a five piece upbeat alternative power pop rock band from Dudley, UK in the West Midlands that was formed in 2018. Vocalist Scott Robinson and guitarist/vocalist Mark Hancox were long time friends and started The Vonics, once they met bassist John Webb and drummer Mark Oliver, they started to write their own music. After meeting guitarist Chris Dixon, The Vonics were complete. Their latest single “Hypnotic” was recorded and produced by Mark Stuart at M2 studios in Coven.

“Hypnotic” is a song about obsession and how you ultimately deal with it, in whatever form that may come. At some point in your life, you have been obsessed with something, maybe when you were younger or maybe in your current adult life. You’ve been obsessed or have felt the obsession from someone.

The late 90s rock song makes you feel exactly how the title says, hypnotic, the Red Hot Chili Peppers type of song is your summer song. The subtlety of the guitar mixed with the drums is the perfect recipe for drinking on the porch during a nice hot summer evening.

This may be different from what they have released before but that’s what makes The Vonics so great, their versatility. If the group isn’t already your favorite band then they are about to be, see why people are raving over “Hypnotic”.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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