Artist Interview: “Memories of Spring” by Jim Jagger

Q: I love the meaning behind “Memories of Spring”, as we can all relate to a lack of confidence and having difficulty to hold onto the happy moments. What do you hope listeners take from listening to this track? 

Jim Jagger: I get impacted by music in different ways in different situations, so I imagine people will experience this song on different levels in the same way. Their experience will be personal, depending on how they relate to it, or how deeply they listen to it. My purpose is to intensify love, joy, and compassion through music. So, on one level I hope people will feel built-up / lifted by it. On a different level I hope people will feel inspired to share their own art to help others. And on a different level again, I hope it will inspire others to reach out and help people in whatever way they are able.

Q: I love the beautiful simplicity of the instrumental, so listeners can really hear your remarkable voice and lyricism. Can you walk me through the writing process in making “Memories of Spring”?

Jim Jagger: The guitar melody came like a flood; I tuned the guitar to where it felt right and started playing and it was there. The lyrics flowed out with the guitar melody. The whole song was written in under 10 minutes. It was one of those songs you don’t feel like you wrote yourself. Since it’s inception there has been more time put into the finer details of it. There’s actually a live performance on Youtube that was just recorded on a phone shortly after it was created. Listening to the two is cool as it shows how the song has changed and how it’s been built and produced vs when it was first created.

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Jim Jagger: I think it’d be amazing to collaborate with Ed Sheeran. I listen to a ton of different music, some of which is much less mainstream than Ed’s stuff. But I reckon whatever music you’re into you can recognize how incredible Ed is at song writing. It’s the phrasing, emphasis, and effortlessness of his lyrical melodies that have a touch of genius in them and I have a lot of respect for that. He’s also collaborating with people all over the world, and across so many genres, bringing people together, which I think is brilliant.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the type of music you typically create?

Jim Jagger: Others may be able to categorize it into a genre better than I can. I find it hard to place, because within any ‘genre’ there are so many different styles. The term ‘genre’ seems so fluid in and of itself and doesn’t capture artistic differences. Of course, there have been patterns of expression in the past, perhaps with a rocky folk pop edge, usually with lots of vocal harmonies. But I don’t expect to write with the same style or genre from one song to the next. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too far to say, so far it’s been deep, meaningful and psychologically therapeutic? But expression is not about genre or style for me; it’s about what flows out, whatever that is in the moment. As cheesy as it sounds, my personal hope is that I can be a vessel to bring a musical message of love, joy and compassion through musical expression. Whatever happens will happen. But I feel deeply that my purpose is to do the above. I have been summoned, to beat the drum loud in the community.

Q: Being an artist for over 20 years, I’m curious what the biggest piece of advice that you have kept with you is?

Jim Jagger: Hmm, that’s a tough one. Each person’s journey into music is very different. Took me a while to formulate an answer to this one. All I can say, do your best to love everyone as much as you can, and seek wisdom and to know God as intimately as you can. That’s all one can do. The rest, I think, just is / will be.

Q: “Memories of Spring” is that type of song that anyone will love as it has such a captivating feeling to it. What was your favorite part in creating this track?

Jim Jagger: Well I’m extremely humbled that you think so. As I say, the idea came quite formed at the start, which is possibly why it’s quite captivating. The story is well woven into and between the music and the lyrical melodies. Specifically I loved building the vocals in the latter part of the song. I really felt strongly that the simple mantra “So hold onto” could help people to weather whatever storm they were facing into. Also, it seemed, each time I played it new ideas for the melody came to mind, until after a while I realized the progression was surprising to me how beautifully it was building. I still wasn’t sure I had the vocal ability to perform it in a way that would do the ideas justice, but to my surprise it’s come out sounding pretty good. Maybe Ed could give it a go and see if it sounds even better… put in a good word for me would you? 😉

Q: Any projects in the works?

Jim Jagger: I’ve just launched a tailored song writing business called Music Wrapped, so I’m finishing building a website for that at the moment. I want to continue writing personal songs for people, that’s what I love doing and that’s how Memories of Spring came about. If I can help one person feel more love, joy or compassion in their life, then that’s success for me. But, I’ll see what inspiration comes. There are a few tracks in development that fit better with my ‘solo artist’ work and with Music Wrapped, like this one. At the same time, I’ve got several tracks on the way through a partnership with Rien De Keyser as part of the duo Cloudshapes. They’re not ready to share yet, but watch this space, I’m in it for the long haul, so you’ll see plenty more from me (God willing).

: Any parting words to your fans?

Jim Jagger: What can I say, I can’t get on with the idea of having fans. If you drink tea from a mug you don’t generally thank the cup do you. I’m the cup, so, I hope Memories of Spring, or whatever you’ve enjoyed from me brings you warmth and energy to love more. Happy listening people! Thanks for any likes etc that amplify the music and get it to more ears. Also, just so you know, 50% of the lifetime earnings of this song will go to the Motor Neuron Disease Association. It’s a charity close to my heart. As I release more music the plan is to spread the earnings across multiple charities.

So, give me a shout if you want a personalized song from me through Music Wrapped. It’s not a free service, but it is a really special, environmentally friendly way of showing someone you love them, or helping them through a tough time. Additionally, if you’re keen to support a particular charity close to your heart, we could discuss that too.

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano







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