WORLD GOVERNMENT is a duo that has been around for over ten decades and “Lucky” is only their second release. The band that is originally from Belarus speaks on the trouble that have been going on since the 2020 election. The riots, the lock ups, the violence, it’s all being spoken about in many versions of one song.

The duo says that “Lucky” was originally just one song for an album that they had been working on, it wasn’t even meant to be a single, just a normal song off the album. But as you may know, there were many things happening in the world around the summer of 2020, Belarus was shocking their world with their actions during “elections”. Although they left years ago, the situation still resonates heavily with them.

Due to their friends pushing them, WORLD GOVERNMENT agreed to use protest footage for one of the demos, and from there the song took off. All versions of “Lucky” was produced by the band, mixed by Bill Sellar at True Peak Audio, and mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering.

“Lucky” starts off with the OG version of “Lucky” which people seemed to love, but the group decides to get even more unique as they release different versions of the same song, it’s more than just a remix, it’s a new song each time. “(Lightly) Lucky” showcase another soft side of “Lucky” with airy vocals and an echo like sound, these two songs are the perfect introduction to the album.

The grittiness of “Lucky’s Last Life” will have you wondering if the same people made this song, it’s like an entirely different song. The distorted instrumental mixed with the angelic like noises counterbalances the song to showcase calmness within chaos.

You know see how different each song can be and that’s only after the third song, as you continue along the album you’ll realize that this song is not on your nerves yet. Each song is truly a new song, it’s like getting to know the band over and over.

WORLD GOVERNMENT is a band that you want to keep and eye on, if they can make one song sound great 7 different times, imagine what else they can do musically. The talent behind the duo seems unmatched, you’ve heard of remixes but making one song seven different ways is something special.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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