“Dog Ate My Homework” by The Qwarks

The Qwarks are a three piece psychedelic group from Brighton, UK and consists of Phil Johnstone on guitar and vocals, Simon Young as the bassist, Nick Flowers on the drums. Their latest single “Dog Ate My Homework” is the second song they’ve released from their upcoming second album out this fall. The Qwarks collaborated with film maker Stuart Macleod for their dog-filled extravaganza.

The fun, summery song is another one of their hits that you will soon love. The trio has a way of combining all of their uniqueness and making it into art, lyrically the song takes you through a mental journey of who is rolling down the stairs and why?

The group said that the song emerged in a magical garden of feral cats and floral wonders, under a full moon and starry skies. If you’ve ever seen a feral cat then you understand the meaning behind this cryptic saying, “Dog Ate My Homework” is a song that anyone will love. They are a trio that makes it easy to like them by making great music.

If The Qwarks aren’t your favorite band then they are now, the trio knows how to make you have a good time. You can only imagine how much fun it would be seeing them live, if they are half as cool as they look in their videos then you know it’s going to be something great.

Listen to “Dog Ate My Homework” and continue the journey of their music.

“The feeling of moving to a different place physically or just having a little journey in your head.”

Written by Jaye Maverick





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