‘North Ship’ by Plastic House

We never know where our own lives are headed, which is why the idea of where we may end up could be baffling. Are we going to make it and achieve and grow, or are we going to fade back like a star fallen from the sky? Life can be crippling, which makes an exploration of the future hard to delve into. This is something that can be explored within the poetic lyricism of North Ship’s latest track, ‘Plastic House.’

‘Plastic House’ is a dreamy alternative rock jam with enough experimentation to keep things exciting. The softer production style is reminiscent of the 90s, and there’s something about it that has a bit of a psychedelic vibe. This track will pull you into its sound instantly as its sound reverberates around your head. The bass tones have a dark buzz around them, and the guitar has catchy brighter lines. The faded back synths have an ominous presence, and the production extends this ominous tone into the vocals as well.

North Ship himself states that the tale of Plastic House is about deciding who you are. As it asks, “Are you a comet or a fallen star.” The poeticism hidden within the wording is great and builds an introspective atmosphere. This helps the listener find an introspective stance on the topic, figuring out where life may take them. It seems to set up the dichotomy of either making it or falling under the weight of life. Beautifully written.

Tom Golzen, or Plastic House, is an indie rock artist who sings, writes, and plays guitar. Plastic House was once signed to EMI Germany since the 90s, but North Ship didn’t take its hold until 2013. Originally being based more on the cello and acoustic guitar, the sound of this project evolved into what it is today. This sound, which mixes electronic and live instrumentation has proven to be a great inspiration to North Ship himself. You’ll just have to listen yourself to see where this inspiration has taken him.

Written by Sage Plapp



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