“Heal” by President Street

Catchy and rich in charisma, President Street’s new song is a brilliant single full of emotion and infectious pop hooks.

Based in Australia, President Street are a pop duo that utilize clever songwriting and captivating pop sensibilities to craft an eclectic discography, each song full of emotion and strong melodies. ‘Heal’ is no different. A song of hope, the track houses beautiful lyricism and powerful vocals to inspire a cathartic rebuttal against the dark and find the light.

The duo spoke on the track below:

“It’s about accepting that for whatever reason our souls chose the families and relationships we have in order to learn and move forward in our evolution and consciousness. Pain is unpleasant. So as humans we tend to want to avoid it. But the source of our pain can at times hold our greatest gifts if we have the courage to face it and lay ourselves bare to healing deeply and thoroughly from it.”

Produced by legendary producer John Reynolds (Sinead O’Connor, Damien Rice), the song has a stunning vibrancy to it. Each instrument is given the perfect chance to breathe which lets the track feel and sound massive. Its pop production also accentuates the tracks electric positivity which compliments the lead vocals and synth palette wonderfully.

An all-round brilliant new single from one of Australia’s most exciting new duo’s, “Heal” is just the track for this summer. Addictive and fresh, it stands as the perfect introduction to the groups unique sound. Stream President Street’s new single here now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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