“What Now” by Earth to Eve (FT. Esthy)

Modern and catchy, “What Now” is a delightful look towards the future, both sonically and lyrically.

Co-wrote by Eve and Esthy in LA, “What Now” has a vibrant energy that’s hard to pinpoint. Layered between the brilliant vocal performances and smooth instrumentation, there lies a subtle intensity that gives the song so much meaning and replay value. The lyricism is ideal, heartfelt but not weighed down.

The trap style instrumentation paired with the Halsey and Khalid influences creates a wholly unique sound that pulls you in effortlessly. Two passionate performances from both artists separates them from a lot of modern-day musicians and the minimalist backdrop allows the beautiful main melody to really shine.

Utilizing the talents of Esthy as a producer and sound engineer, the musical canvas both artists can work off is nothing short of perfect. The smooth, airy instrumentation acts as the ideal sonic landscape to build the track up from. Exploring a dynamically rich new sound, both Eve and Esthy have pored their hearts into this new single.

At the very start of promising careers, Eve and Esthy have crafted a brilliant new single set to appear in MTV’s new TV series “Help I’m in a Secret Relationship”. There’s no better time to experience these amazing new artists. Stream “What Now” today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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