“Womens’ Jeans” by Frog Throat

“Womens’ Jeans” by Frog Throat brings so many different thoughts to mind. One moment it feels like a pub song, the next it conjures this lilt-y, odd time signature. It’s rock, it’s pop, it’s folk, it’s indie. It’s undeniably different from anything you’ve ever heard before.

A gently effected guitar slides in, foreshadowing the verse melody. Seemingly random pieces of conversation float over the tune, forming this cloud of sound. Suddenly, a drum fill propels us into a verse. The singer cries, “I woke up at five past eight / And I throw on my morning clothes.” These lyrics fly by in groups of seven, quick-fire beats, leaving very little space in between phrases. The effect is this breathless, intense melody that doubtlessly keeps the listener on their toes. Crash cymbals explode, emphasizing certain words. The guitar remains soft and twinkly in the background.

The hook cascades in as the beat seamlessly switches to this glorious waltz feel. The first time this happens, it’s relatively brief. However, the second time, things get a little more interesting. We’re provided with twice the amount of lyrics, and then an entire bridge section. The bridge hosts this chorused, spoken-word masterpiece of sectionality. “I would like to propose a toast to agrarian communalism…” the singer wails. A series of complex, entrancing words ring out over the raucous drums–and just as soon as it starts it melts back into the verse melody.

If you are at all into weird, slightly grungy, fantastical alt-rock music, check out “Womens’ Jeans.” Slightly akin to Neutral Milk Hotel, or maybe even Elliot Smith, Frog Throat evidently turns out brilliant lyricism, musicianship, and production value.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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