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“WHAT IF” by Anna Cuomo

With all the different genres of music out there, Anna Cuomo has found her calling in jazz. Cuomo released her single “WHAT IF” on March 21, 2022. The singer began her career in piano bars of the 1980s and her beautiful soprano can be heard in a duet with Fadi Nasr titled “Se ami me”.

The low, jazzy feel of “WHAT IF” shines. That bass is perfection when combined with the low, slow cymbal and snare. The wonderful piano opening pulls you right into the music. We can almost picture the start of an intimate embrace that leads into a dance. There’s something magical about the way a piano sounds, the way the keys just float along. 

“My heart will surely tremble when you will look at me” Anna Cuomo croons as the light tap of the cymbal echoes along with the bass thumping softly. Cuomo’s soft soprano highlights the intimacy of the lyrics and what it means to be close to someone. It’s a song about a dream date, essentially, and Cuomo’s vocals carry that dream through.

The jazz singer has dual residency in Rio De Janeiro and London. She has two self-produced albums released: Naples Sweet Naples (2021) and Vanilla (2012). Anna Cuomo won first prize in a contest back in the 90s when she sang “La sete”. The singer has worked as a performer on cruises. Her latest EP, Canto Continuo, boasts interpretations of Italo-Brazilian composer Luciano Cricelli’s songs. For more on Anna Cuomo and her music, follow her socials and Spotify linked below.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan




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