“Let There Be Love” by Linda Marks and Mike Greenly

“Let There Be Love” is the awesome new song by the always talented Linda Marks and lyricist Mike Greenly. This somber song is as thought-provoking as it is gorgeous. Delicate vocals pair easily with gentle guitar lines to enhance Mark’s message and make the song truly unforgettable. Politically motivated lyrics push a message of love and put our similarities ahead of our differences. “But most of all, let there be love” the chorus chants, encapsulating the song’s passionate energy perfectly. “Let There Be Love” is a lovely and nostalgic song that will make you feel safe and warm.

What I love about Linda Marks is how the lyrics, which were written by Mark Greenly strike a balance between storytelling and conversation. When coupled with the lush harmonies of the rhythm section everything seems to lock together and soar. Another thing I find myself adoring is the nontraditional melodies. Whenever I feel like I know where the song is headed, Marks takes a different route. Beautiful and creative, it’s choices like these that kept me entranced.

This beautiful single leads up to the release of Linda Marks latest album, “Kindness”. Among the many talents demonstrated on this song, is the musician’s consistency. Whenever I see a Linda Marks release I know that it’s going to be very high quality and well-produced. Not only that, but I know that thought goes into each and every lyric and riff. It’s this sky-high level of professionalism and quality that keeps me coming back for more every new release. “Let There Be Love” is another fantastic addition to Mark’s already great discography.

“Let There Be Love” by Linda Marks is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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