‘Brown Eyes’ by Tasha Blackmore

Whatcha doing there? Reading a book? Well. I guess that’s cool. But do you want to take a quick break and tune in to a different story? One that entrancingly tells a full tale within the confines of music? Here you are. This is country-pop artist Tasha Blackmore’s latest single ‘Brown Eyes.’ You won’t want to miss it!

One of the things that immediately stands out in ‘Brown Eyes’ is Tasha Blackmore’s voice. It has this gorgeous full alto sound. She’s got some powerful pipes behind what she delivers, and her subtle riffing is amazing. Tasha uses a lot of emotion dashed in her vocal tone, which really helps to build on the musical story the track tells. The dash of rock does wonders to her pop-country sound, and the utilization of electric and acoustic sounds is produced cleanly. An aggressive energy fills out the music more and more as it moves along, and it lingers in your mind as its final vocal hit fades through reverb. This is an extremely well-crafted track that has a story to tell for each and every listener.

‘Brown Eyes’ tells the tale of the voice of a song going to their favorite place, the deep brown eyes of a loved one. The voice of the song is entranced by the love that they have and is unable to escape the way it reels them in. But then it hits, “I can’t find the words to say goodbye.” The breakup, the big emotional culmination. It’s the climax that hits in both the lyrics and music before going back into the final chorus. ‘Brown Eyes’ tells an entire story, and it does so amazingly.

Tasha Blackmore is a pop-country singer based in Wooler, U.K. who is known for her range of eclectic influences and her Nashville soul and charm. ‘Brown Eyes’ is her first of many new singles preparing the world for the evolution of her sound. And it has to be said, this evolution is powerful, great, and exciting.  The music video featured below has tons of well-shot scenes that give great on-location country vibes. Everything about this single has a tale to tell, and it’s begging to be listened to.

Written by Sage Plapp





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