‘You’ve Got A Friend’ by The Birdland Project

Are you feeling lonely? Well, it will be okay. No, seriously, ‘You’ve Got a Friend.’ That’s the name of this new track by The Birdland Project. Times have seemed lonely for many people lately, which is why we need a track like this. One that reminds us that we aren’t alone. We have people who love and care for us through everything we face. If you need a reminder, you need to give this new track a listen.

The piano that pulls you into ‘You’ve Got a Friend,’ soothes your soul, just like singer Cha’Rel does with her gorgeous vocals. This is a great acoustic piano tune that will fill your soul, just as the music itself is filled with soul. It’s a little jazzy and a little poppy. It’s extremely smooth. The vocals are full, and the more belty tone hits in just the right way. You won’t want to miss the way these beautiful sounds will fill your eardrums.

‘You’ve Got a Friend,’ encapsulates much of its story in its title, something extremely poetic. It’s a call from the voice of the song that you aren’t alone. It will wrap you up in a blanket and remind you that you have someone by your side. As the lyrics state, “Close your eyes and think of me / And soon I will be there / To brighten up even your darkest night.” These are words that we all need to hear because we are wanted, and this track wants to remind us of that.

The artists who lent their hand in the creation of ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ consist of director and producer Nick Heath, producer Evan Reeves, arranger and pianist Eric Moon, double bassist Dango Rose, and vocalist Cha’Rel. Heath and Reeves serve as the main parts of The Birdland Project, inviting others in to collaborate on the tracks they create. This project is under indie label Birdland Records, and the record company and Nick Heath have previously had involvement with the musical creations of The Alan Parsons Project, Rod Stewart, and Peter Frampton. ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ was recorded in a single day in the recording studio of the University of Northern Colorado. An exemplary group of musicians came together to create this track, and you just have to check it out.

Written by Sage Plapp





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