“Couchsurfing” by Nasti

North Dublin’s own hip hop artist Nasti is new to the scene but making big noise with his big rhymes and intricate yet fun beats. Releasing only his third single ever, he has already generated 787 monthly listeners on Spotify and getting more YouTube subscribers by the day.

“Couchsurfing” is meant to be a summer themed track which it undoubtedly is, Nasti is only nasty by name, with a beat and lines so smooth and clear, he is far from nasty. Needless to say he is an artist that you are going to want to keep an eye on. You can expect more releases from him that showcases different sides of him as he establishes more of his sound.

Snap, step 1, step two, step three, snap, the funky groove keeps you engaged fully in the song, it makes you want to be out by the pool with friends and just live life like you’ve never lived before.

This is the song to keep the party going, you can’t help but to wonder what else he will be releasing and in what style, slower like “Roses”, fast paced like “Triple Time” or a fun party song like “Couchsurfing”, could it be something entirely different or something new?

That is the beauty of Nasti, his versatility keeps you engaged, the Ireland artist is soon to become your favorite, keep an eye out for upcoming EP “Crowd Pleaser”.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Jonathan Finlay





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