“Summertime” by BREGN

“How can we be like the others?”

As “Summertime” by BREGN began, I was instantaneously taken back to the summer after my senior year. ‘Garden State’ has been out almost 365 days, but freshly graduated and about to leave home for the first time – that summer felt different, and Zach Braff’s finest hit hard. The soundtrack, almost as great as the film, is cemented in my mind and “Summertime” felt like it was part of that. Placed right between The Shins and Remy Zero with its hazy delivery and seasonal melancholy.

Like a page taken out of Lana Del Rey’s diary, BREGN penned this for those impacted by summertime sadness, and you can hear that throughout. While the narrator of this story seems to yearn for the grass that is greener on the other side, they can’t help but be held back by a fence constructed of their own despair. I imagine my own bad days when I want my partner near, but can’t help but allow the weight of the world to damper my mood – thus pushing them away. What stood out for me though was the music and how it, again, took me back to that picture-perfect soundtrack from all those years ago. There is something ethereal about that film’s music, something so moving – and BREGN captured that with “Summertime” for a new generation. 

Earlier this year BREGN dropped “Dreaming” and while “Summertime” shares that desired indie sound, the latter feels like a new side of the Denmark-based artist. To hear those and more from BREGN, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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