“When the Wind Blows” by Joe Pope feat. Lucia

Photo Credit: Molly Lovell-Keely

When someone we love passes, we’re often reminded of them throughout the rest of our lives in various ways. When I see Little Debbie Fancy Cakes or a duck on a rampage, I think of my late grandma. It’s not always visual aspects though, it can be something as simple as a bird’s morning song, or in the case of Joe Pope, a breeze with his latest, “When the Wind Blows,” featuring Lucia.

Joe Pope’s parents passed long before he expected, and with that came the wave of sadness. However, since then he’s managed to keep connected to them, or rather they’ve found a way to keep in touch. The line that stuck out and hit me most was the heartfelt hook, “When the wind blows open the door, I wonder if it was you just saying hello.” This is a commonality not unique to the singer-songwriter as many have felt the presence of a lost loved one in a similar fashion. For that reason, “When the Wind Blows” will resonate with so many for all the right reasons and will likely help those perhaps still grieving. 

Lyrically one can tell that “When the Wind Blows” comes from a personal, loving place. Musically speaking, it’s an easygoing country song in which Joe Pope gives his all, but takes things to another level with the aid of Lucia swooping in towards the end to round things out and add another melodic layer. 

Joe Pope released his debut album, ‘Ebb Tide,’ in 2019 and since then has been full steam ahead. “When the Wind Blows” is his third single of this year following “Alicia’s Song” and “Scenery.” To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check Joe Pope out now on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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