“666” by Nicco Homaili

Fans of R&B, trap, and songs with meaningful lyrics won’t get enough of Nicco Homaili’s electrifying new single, “666”. The track comprises an inducing beat, catchy melody, and Homaili’s clever lyrics in his mesmerizing, autotuned voice. While everyone can relate to the soul-crushing emotions one goes through when experiencing heartbreake, Homaili creates a work of art with his broken heart.

Although written four years ago in 2018, Homaili seemingly predicted the downfall and eventual breakup with his ex-fiance in 2021. “666” encompasses the all-consuming feelings that one goes through when experiencing heartbreak. Lyrics such as “To fall in love is to fall into my deepest feelings” and “I know you got me thinking I’m the bad guy” highlight the ups and downs of a toxic relationship that is finally coming to its finale. 

Aside from the emotional lyrics, “666” has such a captivating beat that even those who haven’t gone through heartbreak will still nod their head and sing along to it. Homaili’s impressive range in his vocals is also a force to be reckoned with, adding an emo-rap feeling to the track.

Nicco Homaili is an independent R&B songwriter and producer from Singapore. “666” is his first song after a three-year-long hiatus, as many musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic can relate to. Homaili shares his heartbreak with the world in “666” in a truly poetic, beautiful way. 

“666” is available on all music streaming platforms. Keep a lookout on Nicco Homaili, as he is just getting started.

Photo credits: YUNGTAUFOO

Written by Melissa Cusano







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