“Business Casual” by Grown Bones

Grown Bones is a band of four friends from Parkersburg, Ohio or as they like to call it, The Mid-Ohio Valley of the shadow of death. This quartet fears nothing and that continuously shows in their music, many singles have caught the ears of many old listeners and brought new ones. Their latest single of 2022 is “Business Casual”, it’s the second track they’ve released this year and people couldn’t be happier.

The band has to continued to show a softer side of them with this latest single, the traction it has gained on Spotify and YouTube is making it obvious that Grown Bones is giving their fans what they want.

When an artist makes a song or songs that are relatable, it makes it really hard to not love them. The consistency of great music is why you keep coming back for more from Grown Bones and it’s no different with “Business Casual”. This bittersweet single is about the emptiness of burnout and the longing for freedom, COVID opened the eyes of many people. It made you realize that everything seems pointless.

As you get through more of the song, you can feel more and more emotion going into the vocals. You can feel the pain and you it makes you feel the pain that you’ve maybe been holding in. Grown Bones is definitely a band that you will love, they make it impossible to not love them, there’s no shame in playing them on repeat.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Chamberlain Foreman




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